9 creativity techniques to break the blockage

They say that creativity is intelligence having fun, but on many occasions it seems that he does not really want to have fun. There are times when ideas do not flow and it seems that the more we turn them, the more we block ourselves. Therefore, today we give you 9 creativity techniques to develop creativity and break the blockage.

This is more common than it seems in the daily lives of people who are dedicated to creative professions, so it is convenient to have a plan in the bedroom that we can have when blockages occur.

There are many approaches and theories to give a boost to those ideas that remain 巴林电话号码表 stagnant. Today I want to share with you the nine that work best for me. Will you accompany me?


  1. Mind maps
  2. The Scamper method
  3. PNI
  4. The brain storming
  5. The 365 method
  6. The CRE-IN technique
  7. The six hats technique
  8. The Da Vinci Technique
  9. The blank sheet
  10. Mind maps
    It is a technique that works especially for people who need to see situations represented graphically. It allows a bird’s eye view of ideas, the weight that each one has and how they interrelate between them.

By having the elements that we must incorporate on paper, new ways of playing with them can emerge. It is time to propose all kinds of combinations, there will be time to discard.

You can apply this methodology on paper, in the most traditional way or digitally through websites that have adapted the concept to 2.0.

Applications such as mindmap are used to generate infinite idea trees and the good thing is that the 警报消息 organization of the same is structured as we add new ideas, so that it is ordered and the weight of the ideas compensated. Another advantage of doing them in digital is that we can add links with inspirations that we have found on the Internet.

Mind Map

  1. The Scamper method
    It is a way to squeeze creativity to the fullest. How do we get it? It is about putting ideas, strategies, concepts or formats that we have already used on the table and modifying them in some way . We can adapt them, replace any of their parts, combine them, reorder them, adapt them to different platforms.

It is a strategy to optimize ideas that have previously worked for us and scale them to make the most of them. That is, we can save a lot of time and a lot of headaches.

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For example, if we have a publication on Instagram that has worked phenomenally for us because of the theme, we can take that content and taking into account the characteristics and peculiarities of each of the social networks, adapt that content.

  1. PNI
    They are the acronym for ‘positive, negative and interesting’, a creative method devised by Edward de Bono to analyze the situation at hand from different points of view. It is about making a list where on the one hand we write down the positive aspects, on the other the positive ones and on the other, the interesting ones.

The goal is to avoid value judgments, or at least to postpone them until the ideas evaluation phase. Force our mind to approach the situation with an open mind and for this, says its creator, we must approach this methodology from a relaxed position.

It is also important not to continually make corrections to the ideas that arise, but to let them rest since others can be born from these.

  1. The brain storming
    One of the more traditional methods used in advertising and marketing, but if it works, why stop using it?

It is about bringing the team together, either in a room or in a video call, and raising the situation, the objective, or all the information that we have available for that project. Each of those present will be able to contribute all the ideas that they think may fit in freely, without giving them much thought. It is about activating creativity, I have already said that sometimes it is lazy, and with the participation of all team members, one idea can lead to another and surely in the end we arrive at what is unique and genuine, what we were searching.


  1. The 365 method
    This technique is suitable when we obsess that ideas do not flow. It is about bringing together six people, each of them will be given a time of five minutes to contribute three ideas. When the process is finished we will have 108 ideas in less than half an hour.

It is a technique that requires few resources and is easy to apply. It is logical that in the process we find repeated ideas, but it should not be taken as something negative. If we look at it from another point of view, the repetition of ideas is a sign that they make sense at the discretion of different people.

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Just as brainstorming is a way of creating a team and eliminating the communication barriers that exist especially between the different statuses of the company’s organization chart.

  1. The CRE-IN technique
    It’s about dissecting the idea . Once we have a clear and grounded general idea, but some aspects such as how to carry it out or technical solutions fail us. The method proposes to dive into the general idea, analyze all its edges and see how each of them can serve us.

He also proposes that we investigate ourselves by introspection in our creative process to find positive solutions.

  1. The six hats technique
    Another of the 9 techniques to develop creativity consists of a communication and reasoning technique also devised by Eduard de Bono . It is about approaching the solution or the problem from six different points of view, wearing a symbolic hat of one color in each case. These are what the author proposes:

The white hat : we will approach the situation from an objective point of view, removing biases. This allows us to make decisions without getting emotionally involved.
The black hat : with it we will try to show the most negative aspects of the situation and understand that certain aspects can cause our idea to go wrong.
The green hat is that of daring, it is time to propose the wildest concepts, there is no limit, we must break down the barriers of what is correct.
The red hat is the most passionate, now if we can allow ourselves to involve emotions in the assessments we make. We can comment on what makes us passionate and restless.
The yellow hat invites us to investigate each of the options we have on the table. That others see few options for a certain idea does not mean that we cannot explore it to see what it can contribute.
The blue hat is the one that gives us peace of mind, which is the perspective we must adopt in each part of the process. It is a structural approach that guides us at every stage.
This technique forces us to think in different ways and we can apply it not only to activate creativity but also in conflict resolution or in everyday life situations.

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Hat technique

  1. The Da Vinci Technique
    It refers to the versatile artist of the Renaissance and is perhaps one of the most properly creative methods. It is about letting everything that goes through your head flow to find what works.

The steps are as follows: you must focus, relax, take a paper and colored pencils and unleash everything that goes through your head to transfer it to paper. Then you must write the first word that comes to mind. After them write all the ones that come to your mind.

Surely you will obtain a list of related words that will allow you to combine ideas, relate them to each other and that new ones come out of these unions. The more you activate your creativity, the more ideas will emerge and as the process progresses you will more precisely outline the valid ideas. This is one of the 9 techniques to develop creativity that we recommend.

  1. The blank sheet
    How scary the blank page sometimes gives us, right? Perhaps one of the most traditional methods of plucking creativity out of your relaxed state is this. When you are faced with the blank page the last thing you should do is not write because you think you do not have the final idea, that will reach the end of the process.

Imagine that you are faced with a marketing campaign and you have a clear objective. What you should do is take your computer, or your notebook and set a time limit. During this time, you should write down all the ideas related to the project that come to mind. This is just the beginning.

Surely when you write down some of them you will find a thread to pull, don’t let it escape you, write down everything that derives from that idea from the main list.

These are the nine ideas that I put into practice.

If you want to know more tips to give a little boost to creativity, you can listen to this episode of my podcast .

And you, do you have your own methodology? We hope that these 9 techniques will help you to develop the creativity that we ourselves start up. Does a different model work for you? I read you!

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