90% of marketers say personalization is the future

The Teradata company has published the results of the international study “Teradata 2015 Global Data-Driven Marketing Survey” that shows the trends related to the adoption of marketing techniques based on data and the business value of the company. This study follows on from the 2013 study on “Marketing Applications” and reveals big changes in how industry professionals and companies are realizing business value from data, integrated marketing platforms and companies. data-driven and customer-centric marketing strategies. The main conclusions of the study are: Having personalized information is increasingly important to marketers. 90% of those surveyed say that creating an individualized marketing plan is a priority. It is moving from mass targeting to exclusive, real-time personalization El-Salvador Mobile Database. For two-thirds of the participants, being able to make decisions quickly and accurately is a key benefit of using data. 38% say that their greatest challenge is to improve customer acquisition and retention, while 29% affirm that their greatest challenge is to support corporate objectives.

In third place, compliance with regulations stands out, which appears as a priority for 26%. Only integrated marketing platforms can deliver the individualized information and multi-channel experience that professionals demand. The industry has doubled the use of data-driven marketing over the past 18 months. Currently, 78% of professionals make systematic use of them compared to 36% who did so in 2013. Data-driven marketing is already considered the only means of obtaining each person’s point of view, which is why platforms like Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud are in high demand. However, it is still necessary to fight with individualized offers and communications since only 50% of the professionals in the sector use the data on a regular basis to retain consumers. 44% admit a lack of consistency in multichannel marketing and 80% affirm that the separations within the same sector prevent knowing how the campaigns are being carried out in the different channels.

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Uniting the potential of marketing and technology is already a strategic priority: 43% of those surveyed say they control their company’s customer data compared to 34% who did in 2013. 84% agree that combining marketing and technology in a single strategic partner is vital. 92% agree that data Brother Cell Phone List integration between teams improves customer service. “From the results of the study it is clear that the future of marketing is closely related to meeting the expectations of the individual consumer. Today people who work in this sector want access to reliable information based on verifiable data, so that you can meet the expectations of each customer and thus be able to respect them on a personal level, ” says Darryl McDonald, President of Teradata Marketing Applications. “Today’s digital marketing platforms make this possible. We encourage all marketers to implement and improve their data-driven strategies so that they can create business value through personalized information.”

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