A cat seems the key to engagement in various industries

The pet industry is growing exponentially and the great responsible for this growth is the pets themselves. During 2017, the consumption of pet food in Mexico was almost 954 thousand tons Honduras Phone Number List. That is why in response to the needs of families that have more and more pets in different countries, brands focus on them to achieve engagement with consumers.

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Cats have been excellent brand ambassadors, as Salem proved today . During the premiere of the new version of Sabrina, produced by Netflix, the cat was the center of attention.

In the new series the cat looks very real. In the 90s version he was clearly an animatronic cat when he talked and a normal cat when he ran.

But now it is a real cat. At the event he paraded and caused a sensation on social networks, the best way to publicize the series to premiere in a couple of days.

But it is not the only example that cats have so much power in advertising, that Ikea recently launched a line for dogs and cats, which is called LURVIG.

Cină și film? Sigur, avem loc pentru toți. Care e produsul preferat al micilor tăi prieteni? #LURVIG #IKEARomania https://t.co/xXTtEJa4dq pic.twitter.com/ReYdodLhi9

  • IKEA România (@IKEARomania) October 21, 2018

In Swedish it means hairy, and it is composed of numerous pieces, among which the differentiation of the design for both species stands out and the accessibility of the prices of its proposals, which include travel bags, toys and traditional tableware.

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In the end the cat is an excellent impulse in the strategies . Another brand that joined the trend this year is KFC , it did so through a live streaming of climbing cats. Incredible as it may sound, four hours of felines walking Phone Number List among toys and jumping against each other kept hundreds of thousands of people on the edge of history.

Those who joined took their opinions online about what the Toy Colonel would do or the names of the cats that seemed surprisingly puzzled.

The Super Deluxe Facebook page tagged the brand in the broadcast aimed at finding a foster home for the cats, via the Heaven on Earth Society of Animals in Los Angeles.

In addition to scoring points with social marketing and the pet friendly trend, KFC was able to demonstrate its brand power.

This demonstrates the effectiveness of the jack in various industries.