A new marketing for a new digital economic scenario

We are in the era of digitization but we are also in the era of people (people2 people). Maximum connectivity where the internet of things has come to stay and where disciplines such as customer centric management and its customer experience as the main pillar, are clearly making a difference for those companies that take it to the center of their strategy Argentina Mobile Database. The customer at the center and the knowledge of it in this new era is key not only as a differential element compared to other competitors but as a “secret weapon” to continue growing profitably. Inputs of this new era The new digital economic scenario has drastically changed the way of doing things.

This has had an impact on business management and, specifically, on the agenda of the top managers of a company. The customer has changed. You are more informed and critical when buying. 85% of purchase decisions are emotional and only 15% rational. Faced with this scenario, the objective of any organization, in general, and of any manager, in particular, should be to provide added value to its clients, but from their real concerns. Customers are people, they are human beings, and the focus is to offer them what they really care about and get value in return.

Here disciplines such as customer experience reinforce the bond between companies and their customers without worrying about making our customers feel special, relevant. From this position it will be very easy for the client to continue to prefer us over other competitors. Digitization has broken into organizations from bottom to top but not from top to bottom and has surprised many managers who did not have the necessary knowledge to glimpse the potential of the new digital environment and understand that now the decisions to be made are different, the way to doing business is different and competing in this new environment requires thinking about another frequency.

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Disciplines such as virtual reality and neuromarketing together make the difference in this new digital economic scenario. The emotional bond with brands as a Brother Cell Phone List key to success in the market. Technology as a means to connect with consumers / customers. A clear example: The Chinese supermarket chain Yihaodian . Its value-added proposition transform the sector by creating virtual shops based on augmented reality technology as explained in this video . Customers can make their daily purchases in such emblematic places as Tiananmen Square or even in the supermarket car parks of the competition with just one click through their smartphone .

!Surprising! Another line of action linked to Neuromarketing and within the retail field is the use of HBT (Human Behavior Tracking) solutions, a technology for analyzing consumer behavior at the point of sale, which allows, through the use of devices, to know the behaviors generated by customers from the moment they enter the point of sale until they leave it. This allows to precisely generate the customer journey map in each sales space, determining whether or not they like what they find and even providing metrics that allow us to know the spaces in hot and cold areas of the stores and, therefore , the profitability coefficient of the sales space. It was digital, It was people2people. Without a doubt, a “winning cocktail” for the New Economy in which we are immersed.

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