A single 10,000 and a ¥99 private domain business are two kinds of life after all|Private domain serial 06

On Friday, I gave the operation team a semi-annual review to talk about the operation of the company and ask a very meaningful question.

As long as you use private domain means to do business, you will feel the same way!

70% of our 2B order demand comes from our community, and it is mainly a key operation group;

Fission growth has become increasingly weak, and the activities in the past month, without exception, have all failed to meet expectations;

Need traffic, accurate traffic, need products, products that sell well, and products with high prices.

The solution to the first problem is very simple. Make more and better groups that are included in key operations.

Solving the second problem is also very simple, because Switzerland Phone Number the fission is destined to hurt the relationship between users. We have changed our operating ideas and have solved it.

The most nonsense is the third problem, which is an unsolvable problem: traffic and product power , these two goods are !

1. Traffic-based business or product power business

In the private domain business, there are generally three business models: traffic-based business, product power-based business, and between the two!

1. Traffic-based business

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Standardized products are the main products, and traffic is enough, and then sales are completely proportional to traffic.

For example, most fast-moving consumer goods, the price of this product will not be very high, but the population base is large, and it is enough to cover the traffic.

Traffic is the core, operation or not operation is actually the same, I come to your group to buy vegetables, fruit, eat a hamburger, drink a cup of coffee, can you still operate a flower for users?

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Not even realistic!