ADO driver saved his passengers from an assault and they recognize his feat in networks

Insecurity is one of the factors that has the greatest negative impact on the business environment, in Mexico, this is very visible after brands such as Pepsi, Grupo Modelo and Bimbo have seen their operations South Africa Phone Number List in the state of Puebla affected.

Various media have reported that the three firms announced that they will stop operating in the area known as the “Red Triangle” due to high levels of insecurity. This also reached a driver of a truck owned by Autobuses del Oriente (ADO).

The life of cyborgs: the sounds of the networks
It was in Veracruz where a false checkpoint tried to stop them. As they dodged it, armed men shot the unit. This at the height of kilometer 100 of the federal highway Las Choapas-Raudelas.

The driver asked the passengers to duck and accelerated, even when a bullet hit the windshield of the truck Phone Number List, but the driver maneuvered to lose the criminals and finally managed to do so a few meters ahead.

The bus arrived safely at the corbo house in Las Choapas, where the Federal Police assisted them. The passengers applauded the bravery of the driver, who has many years of experience in the company, as well as in networks, where the brand benefited the most.

Autobuses de Oriente ADO, is a line dedicated to the transport of passengers in Mexico, the flagship brand of Mobility ADO. The company would have 6 thousand buses that transport 150 million passengers annually.

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