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Introduction to african literatures is the new online course at. Solar do rosário starting in august. With professor andréa cerqueira will be studied: – brief overview of africa: physical. Historical, geopolitical, social and cultural aspects. Notions of african philosophies – colonial literature and. The construction of a look at the other. Formation of national consciences: languages ​​of contestation – mobilization and culture. Pan-africanism, negritude and some voices of resistance laws 10,639/03 and 11,645/08. The result of much struggle. Advocate the mandatory teaching of contents hitherto neglected. By the school curriculum: african, afro-brazilian and indigenous history, culture and literature. Although they have been in effect for some time, it is still possible to notice that not all teachers have access to these contents during their training processes, which compromises the preparation of their students for major exams.

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With the objective of contributing to the reduction of part of this gap, the course intends to present and discuss some introductory elements concerning the formation and development of some literary systems and, in particular, those of lusophone literature. Understanding literary representation as an artistic production that does not exist Slovenia Phone Number List independently of complex and intricate social, historical and geopolitical determinations, it is proposed a reading of the relations between literary text and society that seeks to explain some of the contradictions that the literary object can encompass according to the context in which it is constituted and circulates. Among other issues, the violence, racism and exploitation that characterize colonialism, for example, will serve, contradictorily, as an impulse for writings.

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African Philosophy Racism and Contemporary

It is important to After that, point out that, although it was initially designed to contribute to the preparation of entrance exams, the course Aleart News can include teacher training and is also open to all interested parties, since africa is in everything. With professor andréa cerqueira , graduated by unieuro in portuguese and english language and literature. Postgraduate degree (specialist title) in afro-brazilian and indigenous history, culture and literature; postgraduate in afro-brazilian history and culture; postgraduate After that, degree in african history; postgraduate degree in contemporary literature; postgraduate degree in literature in english; post-graduated in portuguese history, culture and literature and post-graduated in children’s literature.