All the arts will benefit from

The worst service we can do it during its process is to compare it to other older arts in an effort to be recognized by everyone as equally important. In any case the affinities between all the arts are undeniable and existent and it would not hurt to look for them but on the condition that we have first determined the special characteristics of each of them. If I had to I would add it saves well and by force to find an analogy between photography and another art I would look for it in the direction of poetry.

The negative or digital file are not originals

To associate photography with visual arts or T-Shirt Design Service cinema just because they are related to the image shows in my opinion a very shallow and simplistic approach. But let us make an effort to point out the essential peculiarities of photography and its fundamental differences from the arts to which it is likened for this will help us to understand its identity and the best way of presentation projection and disposition. a The photograph is always a copy. Not even a copy. There is no original. The negative or digital file are not originals but a simple starting point. And each copy can if we want be identical to all the previous ones something that becomes even clearer.

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The printed photograph

Since there is no prototype there can be no specific Aleart News dimensions. A painting being unique has its own dimensions. However each photographic copy can adopt infinite new dimensions. In fact it is not always certain that they refer to. The original file since they may be due to their subsequent modification. Each modification of their ratio will constitute a new photograph but always without an original. The printed photograph is an image trace. It is not itself an object but an imprint of some file.

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