Almost All Social Platforms Now Offer Extremely Advanced

you to create a real online showcase and sell products directly within your posts and content.

But at a time when and  are more powerful than ever, selling jewelry on social media isn’t limited to just exchanging products and money.

Selling on social networks means getting in touch with your customers, offering them content that has value, getting to know them and their needs, and at the same time making your brand known.

Above all, selling jewelry on social networks means telling about your brand, its values ​​and its objectives, offering a window on everything that happens behind the scenes, from the conception to the realization of the products so loved by your customers.



Marketplace Marketplaces are a great

place to sell jewelry online, and they can be the perfect option to start selling online Bahrain Phone Numbers without exposing yourself too much and without investing time and money in creating a more defined brand.

Because of their immediate and “zero effort” nature (although obviously every online business needs a dose of commitment), they are the perfect alternative if you want to test the waters before launching yourself headlong into this new adventure.

You could then start selling on marketplaces, use them to learn about the market and maybe sell jewelry online on your own ecommerce at a later time.

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The best sites to sell jewelry online

If you have chosen to sell jewelry online by relying on a marketplace, you will want to choose the best alternative. So here are the best sites to sell jewelry online:

  1. Etsy
  2. Bonanza
  3. Ruby Lane
  4. Amazon Handmade
  5. eBay
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Let’s analyze them in detail.

Precisely for these reasons, the sale on social networks does not in any way replace the sale on an online store or on other platforms.

On the contrary, it is a way to enrich your portfolio, reach an even larger slice of the audience and further retain your current customers.

Of course, it’s also an extremely effective way to reach your customers in their favorite places, giving them the ability to purchase products without leaving their favorite platforms.