An Example of Content That you Want

An example of content that you want to bring to attention in (early) January, both inside and outside your site, is about questions that are currently alive. People usually have a number of questions: have I really switche? I pay a double premium in January, how is that possible? What are the legislative changes as of 1 January?

Publish complete answers to these and other questions on your site. For example, use a blog to promote it at the time, but also use fixe pages in the right site structure to permanently build SEO value. And focus your internal link structure on the most important pages that should bring in SEO traffic in December.

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With this you already made a start in January with your SEO objectives for December.

February – Winter Sports Coverage

Many people go on winter sports in February. Even then, people are busy with their health insurance, namely which coverages are and are not available in the event of an accident or injury. What is include in the basic insurance? Which care is reimburse abroad?

In addition to paying sufficient attention to this on your website, you also need to work with Design Directors Managers Email Lists SEO outside your site. To score well in December, there must be sufficient content on the web about your company / organization / brand in relation to health insurance.

Design Directors Managers Email Lists

Content marketing

In this example about winter sports you will therefore be working with content marketing. You investigate which target groups there are, where they are located and what questions they all have about coverage, reimbursements, etc. You then create unique content that adds value for that target group and you distribute it to various places where the target group is located.

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Of course you provide a logical link to your website, so that an editor will undoubtedly link to your site for his or her visitors. It is therefore necessary to always offer more content, information, studies, figures, conditions, etc., so that there is clearly added value in the link.

But your content marketing can also be successful without a link. Being mentioned on the web around health insurance topics is also increasingly weighed against your authority. In addition, the criterion in content marketing should always be: would I also distribute this content if I did not gain an SEO advantage from it? Hint: the answer should always be ‘Yes’.