Google Grants and AdWords

Search engine marketing at the WWF, what does that look like? Jacob Bours, (online) marketer at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) answers. A marketer at WWF works from so-called experience groups (subdivision into target groups) and is responsible for the retention of donors until fundraising.

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The Search Committee of the DDMA focuses on promoting the search engine marketing field in the Netherlands through knowledge sharing and education. In the context of knowledge sharing, I therefore highlight in the series ‘Search engine marketing at….’ the search engine marketing activities of organizations. WSPA ,  Nuon  and  The Red Cross  and UPC were discussed earlier . This time WWF is awarded this honor.

Experience groups at WWF

Jacob Bours himself first worked at eFocus for two and a half years and has now been with the WWF for the same time. First as an online marketer and now a marketer. Of the marketers, he has the most experience with ‘online’. So there is no longer an ‘online marketer’ function. There is, however, a separate online editorial team and a web team that VP Facility Manager Email Lists take care of the back-end, the CMS and, for example, the video production management.

VP Facility Manager Email Lists

The role of SEM

The aim of the search activities at WWF is twofold: on the one hand to inform (raising issues, expressing opinions) and on the other hand it revolves around indirect fundraising. SEO is very important within WWF. The percentage of organic traffic has increased by 50 percent in the past two years. In total, organic search traffic generates more than one third of the total website visit. For AdWords, that’s a total of around 15 percent. “That’s not entirely fair, because AdWords amplifies organic traffic,” says Jacob. “The SEO increase also didn’t cannibalize the existing traffic, it’s really extra.”

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Agency relations

There is an integrated strategy for SEO and SEA at WWF internally, but not at the agencies. Netprofiler does SEO, Analytics and the Google Tag Manager implementation. Bureau Storm does online media and social, both social advertising and ‘organic’ social. Netpofiler and Storm both have access to the keyword data via Google Analytics. The content production that is so important for SEO, especially copy and video, is done in-house at WWF.

Jacob is proactively informed by agencies about new developments in the field of search, but he also maintains several hundred feeds himself. Silly question: do you know what dynamic remarketing is? “No, not that,” he smiles. “But remarketing for search does, haha.”