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The possibilities of the archive are not limit to this. This feature is useful if you decid to clean up your Instagram fe, you want to give your profile integritchange the direction of the brand or image of the person. Just add questionable  material to the archive and see how it affects the appearance of the updat profile. The Instagram archive allows you to experiment by adding or deleting posts, photos with the ability to quickly restore the fe. If you don’t like something, restore everything from the archive and experiment again after a while, with new thoughts and inspiration. Removing irrelevant or outdat content In fact, there are many reasons for deleting posts from Instagram.

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If the content, in your opinion, does not meet the interests of the public, it is easy to remove it, or rather hide it. Because deletion works forever if a newly open post can find new life. This is where the archiving feature comes in handy. An additional Denmark Phone Number List advantage of this  deletion  is that comments and likes are sav along with the post to the post. How to add a photo to the Instagram archive to save the publication Now let’s learn how to add a photo to the Instagram archive. The process is so simple that some users manage to, as they say, accidentally archive publications.

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In general, this is not surprising you click on the wrong line, for example, wanting to it, and the photo is already hidden in your memory. Let’s check if it’s that simple. Our next guide on how to add photos to your Instagram archive We go to your Aleart News profile Find the post we are going to archive Click on the horizontal ellipsis if we’re using an iPhone, or the vertical one on an Android device In the menu that opens, select the Archive item. How to add a photo to the Instagram archive to save the post But to create an archive of stories, you ne to proce differently.y and completeness.

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