And what do creative agencies expect from their professionals?

Creative and advertising studios seek to have the best human teams. What qualities do you hope to recruit? Five of them are Iceland Phone Number List listed below.

  1. Good portfolios
    This document should always remain up-to-date and with a conscientious selection of the most important and outstanding works by its author.

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  1. Prestige
    The professional reputation that one possesses, the works developed and the fame that one possesses in the close creative circle are aspects that do interest potential clients.
  2. Presence in social networks
    The number of followers, as well as the quality of the content and the interactions you carry out on your social networks Phone Number List are important and it is an aspect that you must take care of.
  3. Do not offer the impossible
    It is not good to have an image that cannot be sustained in fact. Neither your offers, nor your speech nor the image you project can offer things that you are not able to fulfill, there is no worse discredit.
  4. Creativity above all things
    Creativity is noticeable in your conversation, in your ability to have specific answers and ideas to express viable proposals. Train this professional look.
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