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Would be a request for Access Page permission like this that will help the Influencer ad boost to promote through the Influencer page by just asking to increase the permission to the Advertiser level of that page. This has many advantages. There similarities differences with Paid Partnership. Advantages of Using Access Through Influencer Pages at the Advertiser Level Suitable for making ads, advertising on Influencer pages for a long time. Having said that, being assign as an advertiser level admin is able to create ads, so it is very suitable for us to contract with influencers that we will use the influencer’s page.

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Continually running ads Which is more suitable than doing Paid Partnership because the latter will only allow per post or per content. see data statistics can create a Remarketing audience from all Influencer Pages. Having said that, all of these are Afghanistan Phone Number List really all because in order to become a Page Advertiser, it is necessary to see all this information already. The new page format It will separate the rights separately. Not divid by Role (but the basic permissions at the lowest level are still Insight anyway), where customers or agencies themselves can use this information to analyze whether this page is a target audience or not.

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Able to view aggregate demographics of those who follow or are engag again. It’s not enough to be able to create a remarketing audience, but not from a single post. but can create the whole page That means creating a remarketing group will be even more versatile. This is different from doing Paid Partnership because we can only see statistical data Aleart News only for posts or content that has made a Paid Partnership with our page. Including creating a target audience can be creat from that content alone. Unlike adding an Add Advertiser to a page, we can create an overall audience for the entire page. can see statistical information on the whole page Boost Influencer Ads.

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