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Will not work. Try doing the same with another user’s content. If it works with one account but doesn’t work with another, then that’s your case your privacy settings apply. By taking a   prescrib hours. If you delet the photo video yourself  from the fe, archiving will not start. Already now you have any number of paid Instagram bots to develop your page. Go to the price list order one of the cheapest resources with the ability to choose the spe of accepting bots, as well as options for add accounts. That’s probably all you ne to know about creating an Instagram archive. This feature is very convenient.

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Because with it you do not have to take up space in the device’s memory for photos or videos from a social network, which are a pity to permanently delete. In addition, publications remov from the repository can be retriev at any time. do it in just three clicks. if you’re just starting to develop your old photo grid, you’ll be curious about how Saudi Arabia Phone Number List to add an Instagram post how to create a story. How to delete from the archive If you decide to permanently delete archiv content, it’s very easy to do so. To remove from the archive Go to the archive Click the arrow at the top to switch from one type of content to another stories.

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Live  posts if necessary Find the desir post, story, live broadcast Click at the bottom for stories or at the top for messages of the screen Select Remove. To delete their archive, select Archive   select the publication in the corner   Delete After Aleart News the content is delet from the archive, it ends up in the Recently Delet folder. You will have more days to return the photo or video to the archive. After this period, the content will be delet it will not be possible to restore it. Ways to use the archive on Instagram You can’t just archive Instagram content in this section. If you use the application for more than a year.

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