Best days to post on social media in 2020

When it comes to publishing your content, you should know what is your best day and your best hours to do it, because doing it when your audience is not connected hurts the reach of the publications. And if no one sees your content, no matter how hard you have worked it, it will be as if you had not published anything.

What are the best days to post on social media?CLICK TO TWEET
Let’s see 伊朗电话号码表 how you can know your best days and your best hours so that you can plan your content in your best moments.

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Why identify the best days to post on social networks?
What are the best days to post on social media?
Best days to post on Facebook
Best days to post on Instagram
Best days to post on Twitter
Best days to post on LinkedIn
Why identify the best days to post on social networks?
Long ago, social networks stopped showing content chronologically and implemented algorithms that decided which were the most interesting content for each user to show them ordered according to their interests.

One of the things that the different algorithms of social networks take into account are the interactions that a publication has during the first minutes after publishing it. Therefore, a 警报消息 content with many interactions after its publication is considered by the algorithm as quality content, and this means that this publication will have a greater reach than a content that has had almost no interactions during the first minutes after being published.

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And how to make it easier for posts to have more interactions during the first few minutes after being published? Well, publishing the contents on the day and at the time when the most number of followers are connected to that social network, since, if they are not connected, they will not see it during those first minutes and they will not be able to help us to have a better reach.
Therefore, you have to avoid publishing when it is good for you to do it and investigate what are the best days and the best hours to publish on each of your social networks. Go for it!

What are the best days to post on social media?
This depends on when your followers are connected, so it may not coincide with your best days or hours, but it is interesting to know them, since, when we are starting, we will not have enough data to know what is the best time, and this data can guide us until we have that data from social networks.

The best days and times for each social network are:

For Facebook , the best day to post is Thursday and the worst day is Sunday. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the next best days to publish, the difference being quite small with the best day, Thursday. Regarding the schedule, the best to publish is between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., and the worst hours, obviously , they are in the early morning.

For Instagram , the best day to post is Sunday, the second best day to post is Friday and the worst day to post is Saturday. As for the best time, on Instagram it is usually at 9pm or 6pm, although on Fridays it is early at 3pm.

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