Best platforms and tools to create webinars

Webinars have become one of the most powerful formats within a Digital Marketing strategy and it is clear to you that you want to bet on it.

However, hosting a webinar can be challenging if you don’t know the best tools and platforms for creating webinars.

But this will no longer be a problem for you because I am going to make it very easy for you with 波兰电话号码表 this article. You are going to discover which are the most recommended platforms to create webinars that exist today.In addition, we will analyze its pros and cons so that you can choose the one that suits you best. Shall we start?

What is the best platform to create webinars?
The best platforms for free webinars
➡️Webinar jam
➡️Ninja Webinar
Tips for choosing the best webinar tool
What is the best platform to create webinars?
Before starting I want to share with you clearly what a webinar is:

It is a content inbound marketing strategy in which an expert in the field gives an online conference for educational and training purposes.
The best platform for webinars is the one that adjusts to your specific needs, your business objectives and, of course, offers an optimal experience for attendees.

You think that it is very different to organize a webinar for up to 20 participants than to have to prepare one for 3,000 participants. The situation of each project, company or entrepreneur will require one webinar tool or another.

Whatever your choice, I can confirm that betting on webinars is a winning choice. The studies are clear about it:

73% of Marketing specialists say that webinars are the best strategy to generate qualified leads.
75% of B2B customers consumed webinar content in 2019 to inform themselves before making a purchase decision.
The appeal of webinars goes beyond connecting people and is that they have positioned themselves as one of the most successful formats for:

Provide value to the user.
Increase your authority in your niche.
Interact with your audience.
Generate leads and motivate leads to continue moving up the sales funnel.
Automate your sales.
Take a look at this sales funnel, which we have included cross-selling strategies. The key point is the 警报消息 webinar, there is the knowledge, notoriety and action of the user to buy the product.

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The best platforms for free webinars
This is my pick of the 6 best tools for free and paid webinars. Research them in detail before taking the step and find the one that suits your needs and budget.

➡️Webinar jam
I start the list with one of the leading platforms of the moment for creating webinars. It is Webinar Jam , which has emerged as a simple and very intuitive solution to organize a webinar. In fact, you can set up a webinar in just a couple of minutes.

WebinarJam integrates perfectly with the Facebook tracking pixel (a great advantage if you carry out advertising campaigns on social networks ) and knowing me you already know how important it is to track any user behavior.

Among the strengths of the tool are:

✅Up to 5,000 members in the room (on the Enterprise plan) with the option of screen sharing or Power Point presentations.
✅Live chat with moderators. Private messages and surveys to facilitate interaction.
✅Up to 6 presenters on one screen, perfect if you want to organize a panel discussion or expert debate.
✅Allows an attendee to temporarily become a presenter.
✅Compatible with all browsers, devices and operating systems. In addition, it does not require the download of any software by the attendees.
✅Integrations with popular Email Marketing tools such as Active Campaign.
✅Live broadcast on YouTube channel or Facebook Live.
✅Allows you to generate pop-up offers during the webinar to encourage conversions.
✅Share files with attendees.
✅Automatically record the webinar so that attendees can watch it again.
✅The tool holder is great.
✅You can schedule a webinar for a specific date and time, you can even activate reminder notifications by email or SMS for attendees.
✅The webinar registration page is customizable (colors, texts, logo, images …).
The cons:

❎ On certain occasions there are users who have reported delays between the audio and the image.
?Price: Webinar Jam offers a 14-day trial for $ 1 USD. Once consumed, you can take advantage of one of the three annual plans with prices of $ 499 (Basic), $ 699 (Professional) or $ 999 (Enterprise).

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Another solution to bring your webinar to life without complicating your life and without being an expert in webinars is Easywebinar . Among its virtues:

✅Up to 2,000 members in the room (on the Enterprise plan).
✅Interactive live chat and screen sharing option.
✅It allows up to 4 presenters who can use their own camera and microphone, as well as share their screen.
✅Live and simultaneous broadcasting through multiple Social Network platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook …
✅Mobile application available. It requires no download of any software or plug-ins by the viewer.
✅Integrations with different software such as GetResponse, Stripe, PayPal, ThriveCart, ConvertKit or Mailchimp.
✅Downloadable webinar recording and archiving for use as automated webinars.
✅Any attendee can become a presenter.
The cons:

❎ It requires a considerable investment, although the value for money is worth it.
?Price: Easywebinar offers a free 14-day trial. Once consumed, you can take advantage of one of the three monthly plans with prices of $ 78 (Standard), $ 129 (Pro) or $ 499 (Enterprise).

GoToWebinar is one of the first webinar platforms to hit the Internet. It is focused on those companies with large Marketing budgets. In short, a solid and reliable tool with a multitude of functionalities, among which the following stand out:

✅Up to 2,000 members in the room (on the Pro plan) and 5,000 (on the Enterprise plan).
✅Simple setup. Just choose the date and time, and the system will guide you step by step.
✅Allows you to share videos.
✅Polls and surveys during and after the webinar.
✅Recording webinars and uploading pre-recorded webinars.
✅Integrations with CRM and marketing automation tools.
✅Detailed attendee reports and webinar statistics.
✅Invitations, confirmations and automated reminders by e-mail to attendees.
✅The 24/7 support is excellent.
The cons:

❎The interface is somewhat dated.
❎The price is high, even in the most basic plan.
?Price: GoToWebinar offers a 7-day free trial with up to 100 attendees. Once consumed, you can purchase one of the three monthly plans with prices of $ 89 (Starter), $ 199 (Pro) or $ 429 (Plus).

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Go To Webinar Plans

The well-known Zoom video conferencing tool is also one of the best platforms for creating webinars. It is intuitive and with a very easy-to-use interface. One of its great advantages is that it allows free webinars with a maximum duration of 40 minutes and a number of attendees of less than 100.

What’s more:

✅Allows up to 1,000 participants (Enterprise plan).
✅Offers private and public chats.
✅Ability to share screen and annotate on it while sharing.
✅It works on all platforms and devices.
✅Simple customization of registration forms.
✅Integration with Paypal, which allows you to charge a registration fee for the webinar.
The cons:

❎Audio quality can be poor at times.
❎Requires the wizard to download the Zoom app to your device.
❎It does not include the Marketing and advanced automation features that other tools have.
?Price: If the free version is limited, you can contract your Pro plan from € 13.99 per year.

One of the latest additions to the list of the best webinar tools is Demio . Despite its youth, this platform has been going strong due to its many advantages:

✅Allows up to 500 participants (enterprise plan).
✅Offer live, automated, prerecorded, or hybrid webinars.
✅Modern interface, easy to use and without distractions.
✅HD video streaming and recording guaranteed by cloud hosting.
✅Private and public chats.
✅Customizable registration pages and automatic email reminders sent to registered users.
✅It allows launching offers with CTA buttons, as well as interactive surveys and questionnaires with statistics to evaluate audience participation.
✅Advanced analytics.
✅Countless integrations with third-party tools like MailChimp or ConvertKit.
✅No need to download additional software.
The cons:

❎It can be expensive if you need to include more than 50 participants.
❎It won’t be useful if you want to host a webinar for more than 500 attendees.
?Price: Demo offers a free 14-day trial. Then you can opt for any of its three plans with prices of $ 49 / month (Starter), $ 99 / month (Growth) or $ 234 / month (Business).

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