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Carl gustav jung a swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Mentions that archetypes are sets of “primordial images” originated from a progressive repetition of the same experience over many generations. Stored in the collective unconscious. To make this understanding simpler. We can say that they are images formed in our unconscious linked to beliefs. Myths and moments that we experience over time. The mage and hero archetypes. As their names suggest. Feature connections to information passed on about them from generation to generation. For example. And yet. When jung cites about these images being stored in the collective unconscious. It means that it is not just a thought. An experience of a single person. But myths and beliefs that have been occupying the unconscious. Due to similar experiences lived by others.

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Why can defining brand archetypes be so relevant to your business? As mentioned in the book the hero and the outlaw by margaret mark and carol s. Pearson. […] archetypes France Phone Number List provide the missing link between customer motivation and product sales. Until now. No scientific method was available that would allow them to link the deepest motivations of consumers with the meaning of the product. The missing link is the understanding of archetypes. A product with archetypal identification speaks directly to the psychic matrix deep within the consumer. Activating a sense of recognition and meaning. Because the archetypes are connected with these myths and beliefs experienced by consumers. When structuring and working one or more for your brand. It starts to have a personality. Creating points of identification between the company and what customers are looking for.

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Why can defining brand archetypes be so

With the definition of archetypes. Your brand finds a way to create links. Delivering not only a quality product or service. But a relationship with common experiences and desires. In the video below karine sabino. Ceo here at adove. Talks about what archetypes are and how important they are for each business! Discover the 12 brand archetypes developed by jung when Aleart News we say that you will meet 12. It doesn’t mean that there are only those. But. We can consider them the most interesting to be analyzed for you to identify which ones best match your brand. It is important to mention that there are 4 groups: independence and achievement (explorer. Innocent and sage) mastery and risk (mage. Hero. And outlaw) belonging and group (lover. Jester. And the everyman) stability and control (creator. Ruler and caregiver.