Branding: 7 deadly sins that are unforgivable

Here are seven mistakes you can’t afford if you’re in the branding process.
Like all creative processes, the development of branding requires a sufficiently grounded justification to guarantee quality work Bahrain Phone Number List, below are seven mistakes that you cannot afford if you are immersed in a brand-building process.

Here are seven mistakes you can’t afford if you’re in the branding process.

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  1. Select an inappropriate name and logo
    The naming of a brand, a slogan and its visual identity should be done without rushing, with just the time required for things to cook properly and avoid that the work is even counterproductive for not adequately describing what that the brand wants to communicate.
  2. Build branding based on passing trends
    Fashions come and go and they determine the prevailing trends in limited periods of time, so it is not convenient to build the visual identity for a brand, body or person only from trends and styles passengers, but in much more solid and lasting ways and orders.
  3. Rebranding just for fashion
    If the image of a brand is solid there is no reason to seek a transformation in its essence. Avoid rebranding just for rebranding Phone Number List, the image cannot be transformed too much and lose the identity link with its consumers and even with the very essence of the firm.
  4. Promising the consumer and not fulfilling him
    Remember that credibility is one of the main objectives that you must achieve. The brand must be able to deliver to the client and consumer just what it offers, both in terms of image, shape, price and tangible benefits of its products, otherwise, people will be defrauded and may even incur a legal fault .
  5. Forgetting the origin and essence of the brand
    Another rebranding mistake is directing your efforts towards concepts that do not accurately describe the essence of the brand. Every firm has an origin, has an essence and has a history that describes it and, regardless of the changes that the firm may have and its evolution, it is worth keeping these factors in mind to project them in its final image.
  6. Show a generic brand
    Although the brand must be visually compatible with it with its essence and the twist to which it belongs, but it is not convenient to show a generic image, too obvious or lacking a greater essence, although visual simplicity is valuable it is not convenient to fall into visual obviousness.
  7. Not being prepared for a brand crisis
    No brand is exempt from making a mistake, and something that is not under its full control may cause a situation to arise that puts it in a difficult situation. Given this, it is necessary to be prepared and know how to react to calm the consumer and that he does not lose confidence in the brand.
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