Optimize Link Building Regularly

If your website links to relevant sites and reliable and well-visited sites link to your organization site, this is of course good for online findability (both directly and indirectly for search engine optimization (SEO)). But which sites are exactly reliable and well-visited in healthcare? Sites that provide information about care and welfare, signposts, comparison sites, forums; There are various sites for your healthcare organization that are worth your while to strengthen link building. Some suggestions.

How do you request it?

  • The major health insurers: Most health insurance providers allow patients to find and assess a health care organization. This is possible, for example, on the sites of all Achmea , VGZ and Eno brands.
  • Does your organization have other financiers besides or instead of health insurers? The sites of those organizations are also good link sites.
  • Partner organisations: where can your online content enhance the content of the partner organisation(s)?
  • Patient associations, industry associations and knowledge institutes: of course especially VP Quality Email Lists those that are relevant to your specific healthcare sector.
  • Almost every specific healthcare sector has one or more online searchers with an overview of healthcare providers. Not all are equally reliable, so it’s good to check whether they can be reached by mail or telephone, or whether something has recently been published to assess the relevance of the site.

VP Quality Email Lists

What kind of link exactly 

Good to know when you get started with link building: a simple link to the homepage of the organization is often a bit meager, especially when it is placed in a long list of links only. It is better to ask for a deep link, i.e. a page to specific content that is relevant for the site visitors of precisely these sites.

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How do you request such a link from a web editor? You can often find contact details on the contact page or colophon on the site. Afraid they’ll think your question is rude? Not necessary, because many web editors are happy with tips to enrich the website with relevant links and content. Moreover, by immediately offering a suggestion for the location and accompanying text in your e-mail or during your telephone call, you make publishing even easier. It is good to monitor the response and publication and to call after it, because not all editors respond immediately.