Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing it all

It is possible that you already know the meaning of each one. However. Because it is an interesting subject. We will explain very briefly what each one is. So. In case something gets confused. Just go back to this part of the text and remember the concept of both. Business intelligence it is a set of processes that aim to deliver the right information. To the right person. At the right time. These processes typically cover the following actions: data collection. Organization. Analysis. Action and monitoring. Digital marketing it is the set of actions that a company develops in the online environment in order to attract new business. Establish relationships and develop the brand identity in this environment. The evolution and importance of data in the digital age business intelligence and digital marketing: it all starts with a good databasein the evolution of marketing from .

Definitions Business Intelligence

We are already familiarizing ourselves with marketing 4.0 – we realized how shallow the database of 1.0 companies was or even did not exist. With production focused on mass. There was no need – or at least they didn’t know it was fundamental – to analyze the consumption Switzerland Phone Number List of these same products. Even less of knowing everything that the consumer was doing from the moment they downloaded an e-book from their website. As it is today. Digital marketing and business intelligence would not exist if there were no databases. Is that why these concepts started to be applied only a few years ago? Anyway. Both need data to work. Especially if you want to work on strategies that incorporate both. Business intelligence and digital marketing the valuable currency of digital marketing is its ability to measure and adapt the strategies and campaigns launched.

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The evolution and importance of data

However the problem is far from the volume of data. The possibilities of winning over the consumer and thus obtaining information about him. To feed the base. Are numerous. Usually the problem is in the interpretation of the data that has already been conquered. What are the parameters Aleart News to identify whether the strategies are helping to achieve good results? The role of business intelligence is to facilitate this process and contribute to a new panorama in relation to the performance indicators of your business. Bi software – which allows you to track all processes – will reduce your time spent on measurement and analysis. As it does so in real time. We can say that digital marketing contributes to the nutrition of the base and business intelligence allows analyzing the data obtained with digital strategies.