But digital technology came

All of the above the predigital photographer solved with a very simple momentary decision. He was buying the same film. And forced him to take a more conscious position towards the problem. Now all photos are born in color. And as if that wasn’t enough they can easily and quickly become black and white and just as easily return to their original color image. Who can deny that this technological development has been a gift to photographers as has the ease and speed of all digital processing once the preserve of a few painstaking and patient craftsmen Except that no artist can create with all possibilities open at any time. He must set himself the limitations that technology once very conveniently set for him.

Such as I’m sampling indicatively

For the first time therefore each of us must Philippines Photo Editor think why we want a photo in black and white and why we want it in color. And not because it happened that way. . The first big surprise in front of the above finding was followed by many embarrassing and unfounded claims. Such as I’m sampling indicatively that one must convert all their photos to black and white before seeing them in color or that one must set the viewfinder to show everything in black and white or that one must divide the two categories into corresponding subjects e.g. northern European cities in black and white and far eastern cities in color or to decide once and for all what kind of photography he wants to make.

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Our digital raw file will never stop

Quickly fortunately most of us we understood Aleart News that all the above thoughts were nothing more than the result of the first panic. There are no themes that want one genre or the other and all themes have great photos to show off in both color and black and white. We never saw the world in black and white through the viewfinder even if we had black and white film. Nor were we adjusting our shot and frame based on the film we had loaded in the camera. Our digital raw file will never stop being in color either no matter how we want to see the photo render anyway as a small and discolored part of it. . Fortunately the solutions are very simple.