Buyer persona Know what it is and its importance

According to information researched on the internet. The buyer persona or simply persona appeared in 1983. It was invented by the american alan cooper. When he was developing project management software. To do this. He interviewed several colleagues with the program’s user profile and. By crossing the information. An imaginary user named kathy emerged. Soon after. In 1998 alan cooper published a book entitled “the crazy are controlling the sanitarium” where the term “buyer persona” was first mentioned. So. Basically the buyer persona is a fictional character that represents the ideal customer of the business. It is created to help you understand who your customer is and what their needs and desires are. As we mentioned at the beginning. Its creation contributes to more aligned strategies. Being widely used within the inbound marketing strategy .

What is a buyer persona

Another point worth mentioning here is that the persona is not only important to the marketing team. But also to the sales team. With this personification. Visualization of the ideal customer. The sales team will be able to make a more assertive approach. He will Italy Phone Number List already have an idea of ​​which product will best serve the customer. As well as how he can offer it. For example. Understanding buyer persona. Let’s explain the concept of target audience. As it is common for people to confuse the meaning of the two. What is target audience? The target audience usually encompasses a large number of people interested in your product/service. And for them to fit into this group. Demographic. Socioeconomic and behavioral issues are analyzed. Other points that can be analyzed in the elaboration of the target audience are.

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What is target audience

For many years marketing strategies took these factors into account to design the next steps to be taken by the business in the market. However. Over time. This method of creating the “ideal customer” has become ineffective. With the consumer increasingly connected and with access to more information. There are countless “publics” emerging there. And consequently. Demanding more specific actions and strategies. Difference Aleart News between persona and target audience? People chatting – persona and target audience. Since we talked about buyer persona and target audience above. Is it easier to understand each one? For the avoidance of doubt. We will briefly point out some aspects of both. Target audience: the definition is broader. Does not describe many habits. Does not refer to anyone specific and includes people interested in your product/service.