Within Bing You Can (Still)

While Bing’s results rely more on social signals than Google’s, backlinks are still important for ranking too! Just like in Google, the influence of backlinks is still noticeable. However, both Google and Bing are getting better and better at recognizing a manipulatively obtained backlink profile. This makes the quality of the links more important than the number of links in both Google and Bing. Bing even offers a handy tool to estimate the value of the links. I will come back to this shortly.

Although both search engines use links to determine the ranking, it must be said that Google is a lot further ahead in assessing links than Bing. Unlike Google, “Exact matched keywords” are still of great value within Bing. While too many “Exact Matched Keywords” can lead to a penalty within Google, you can currently use “Exact Matched Keywords” within Bing for good ranking.

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I would like to emphasize the word currently . Because of course we have to wait until Bing also gets smarter in recognizing manipulation and will also punish too many “Exact matched Keyword links”. So it can be concluded here that Google is currently more intelligent in assessing links than Bing.

5. Bing Doesn’t Index All Your Pages

Where Google tries to index every piece of content on your website, Bing takes a different approach. Bing is much more likely to remove pages from search results if they don’t have enough link value or authority. What this often Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists means in practice is that in order for a page to remain in the search results, at least one external link must point to it. It is therefore very important not only to refer links to your homepage, but also deeper into your website. Here too, a proper internal linking strategy can be helpful for better indexation in Bing.

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6. Bing values ​​visual content more

Just like in Google, relevant and high-quality content is also important for a good ranking within Bing. However, where Bing differs from Google is the fact that Bing places more value on visual content such as images and videos. This while Google relies much more on text-based content and, for example, descriptions of images. In addition, Bing is better at reading and ranking websites that are entirely based on Flash.

Bing has also indicated that quality content is an important ranking factor . They rate the content on three factors:

  • Authority : Is the content reliable?
  • Usefulness : Is the content useful, usable and detailed enough?
  • Presentation : Is the content well presented and easy to find?