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When making a video on the internet had no intention of earning from advertising, or even thinking about revenue in other ways, the first “youtubers” appeared, today also known as “digital influencers” – although this term also covers other social networks. All these people wanted at the time was to talk about what they liked and share it on the internet. With the passage of time and accelerated gain in audience, the phenomenon started to gain support from the platform. It was primarily through google advertising that users who had more visibility and production frequency began to earn money from their channels. Then, through the view count itself. Later, through brands that hired them to advertise or review products.

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And so on until youtuber became a profession! Unimaginable revenue in 2015, forbes published a list of the ten highest-paid youtube creators in the world. First of all, with more than 40 million subscribers (at the time), the swedish felix kjellberg of the gameplay channel pewdiepie made no less than us$ 12 million. Since then, the social network only Jamaica Phone Number List grows and earns more and more! As well as youtubers! Several brazilians already earn millions every year, with channels ranging from games, cooking, fashion, entrepreneurship to “do it yourself”, daily life and travel. Youtube for business adobeit’s only fair that the entrepreneur also takes advantage of this trend and the growth of the platform, isn’t it? In addition to being able to use.

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Tips for your Youtube channel

The power of this tool to inspire and train yourself (through channels that make videos about entrepreneurship & management, for example), why not use the network as another channel of communication with customers and sales of your brand? What to publish? If you decide to start using a youtube channel for your business, have Aleart News enough material as a source to work with. So, you can approach your video content in a variety of ways. If you have a product and want your customers to get to know it in depth, video tutorials can be an excellent choice! How about showing reviews from your customers? Video with testimonials can be another way! You should also create content targeting your business’s target audience. The more you serve your target market, the more they will want to check out your company’s services.

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