Google Carousel Update

In addition to showing Google Maps results for keywords, with local services without a place name, Google will also roll out a visually attractive presentation of local results in the near future. Currently only in the United States and the United Kingdom, soon also in the Netherlands. On Google+ , Google announced the ‘ interactive carousel of local results ‘ this summer :

“Starting today, when you search Google for restaurants, bars or other local places on your desktop, you’ll see an interactive “carousel” of local results at the top of the page.”

Google Now

As a Dutch person, you cannot yet try this out for Dutch locations, but if you  search for a restaurant, type of dish (pizza) or, for example, hotels – with an indicated location – you will already see such a carousel. For example, search for ‘hotel’ and tell Google that you are searching from, for example, ‘Manhattan’. Then you get results like ‘hotel’, ‘pizza’ or swimming pool or ‘park’ in Manhattan. For example, for ‘daycare’ the carousel is not (yet) shown.

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Tip: uncheck ‘remember this result’, otherwise you can no longer switch to another place in the Google English VP Safety Email Lists interface without throwing away your Google cookies. For more settings of your location in the Netherlands and abroad, see this article .

VP Safety Email Lists

English search result with the carousel at the top

Mobile search

Various studies show that information is increasingly being sought on a smartphone or tablet. Since 2007, location determination has been determined by the proximity of a cell tower to the mobile seeker. Due to the market penetration of smartphones, the share of search results with a local component is also increasing.

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