Chatbots a new marketing strategy

Chatbots are assistants that automate customer service. “Chat” comes from “chat” and “bot” is short for “robot”. Because they are based on artificial intelligence. That is, Chatbots are robots that talk to the public through instant messaging applications. Messenger, Telegram, SMS, Skype… Many experts claim that Chatbots are the future of communication between businesses and consumers. And we know that, in fact, they are already more present than ever! You have certainly had interaction with a Chatbot. Being on a call to solve a problem with the phone company or to put recharge through SMS. However, they are getting smarter and now “learn” from conversations! This enables companies to personalize service and get as close as possible to a real conversation with the consumer.

Can I use Chatbot in any messaging

Only through a robot Chatbots are the most practical and modern, currently, in terms of customer relationship! Can I use Chatbot in any messaging app? Several messaging services have already opened up to integrations with Chatbots. Telegram, Skype, the common SMS services, Slack, etc. However, the main one remains Facebook’s Messenger. Messenger is where most bots in Brazil and around the world are. The advantage Hungary Phone Number List is that Messenger, being together with Fabebook, offers the ease of integrating the Chatbot with your fanpage. And it ends up being a very attractive option, in addition to being in an environment with 1 billion active users per month. Chatbots for Whatsapp are a trend and many entrepreneurs are eager for this news to arrive, but they are not yet a concrete reality.

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Why are Chatbots so valuable

The development of bots for Whatsapp is in an evolution phase and it is expected that soon they will be widely available in the market. Why are Chatbots so valuable? adoptFrom the moment a person interacts with your bot (or your bot interacts with a person), you already have a direct contact and are able to obtain some information Aleart News about your consumer. This alone could be considered a lead conversion. However – due to the personal tone of conversation with Chatbots – the person does not become “just” a lead, but a friend! With the significant evolution of Chatbots in recent times, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) , they are extremely sophisticated and versatile, and can help the company to automate various business processes, expand marketing strategies and forward the leads to the sales funnel.