Check Links and Online Visibility

In addition to checking the website, the sanity check also consists of checking the links and your visibility on the internet. For this you can, for example, use Majestic or the link report in Google Search Console .

December – Harvesting results

  • Make an overview of all websites with links to your website, and check whether these also end up on pages that still work. Tip: the aforementioned DeepCrawl also offers the possibility to check large amounts of links from, for example, an Excel file.
  • Check whether the links to your website also come from websites that you want a link to. Links from questionable websites can have a negative impact on your visibility in search results. Also include these links in Google’s Disavow Tool .
  • Have you used the Disavow Tool before? Then it can’t hurt to check this list again to see if the websites on it are still that bad. No reason to leave links on a Disavow list of websites that are now of excellent quality.

You also check these points periodically throughout the year. This will prepare you in November Administration Directors Email Lists and can be a quick update on a check you also performed in July.

Administration Directors Email Lists

If you’ve been doing SEO all year round, you’re obviously ready for it now. You know exactly where you stand. You know for which keywords you are clearly visible and you check this daily.

Bringing extra attention to content

Everyone and everything is now also aware of health insurance. You can therefore bring messages and articles that you published earlier in the year to the attention of the various websites that you approached earlier in the year. A student association that did not respond to the request for a link to the article about the student discount in August? Maybe they were busy with the intro week. Now is the time to switch. The urgency is there.

See also  March – Deduction of Health

In addition, all the aforementioned points in December also apply. Wrong status code for Google? A canonical link element that is not in the right place? What may seem like a minor technical glitch can have a major impact on your visibility in Google. Is the website temporarily down on Christmas Day? Sorry, but dinner really has to wait. This is the time to score. The moment we’ve been working towards all year. Better a failed turkey now than work all year for nothing.