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Feel free to recycle or expand this content, such as writing a sequel. How is the topic you wrote about developing this year Has anything change in him Did it have any consequences If so, dust off the family silverware and hit the world . Interviews with authorities Do you feel that your blog needs a refresh, visibility or attracting new visitors Try to get someone else to help you, ideally an authority in your field , who will give the content the necessary weight, name and, ideally, some unique know how. Interview him, quote him, exchange links and be proud of your catch. You won’t always be able to catch Rand Fishkin , so feel free to use the local authorities as well.

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The ever growing hole on your blog, try some idea generator . In most cases, this is a fun expansion that will make you laugh at the most, but sometimes they can trigger a wave of imagination in your mind that will lead you to the right topic. Case studies Show off your work. Sometimes it’s the best thing you can put out into the world. Of course, if you have Honduras Phone Number List something to brag about. do what you are doing , not just write about it. Keys are highly relevant content that can get you not only the nods of approval from your colleagues and concern from your competitors , but also new customers or clients. Follow what people care about If the well of your imagination is hopelessly deplete.

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Honduras Phone Number List

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Get inspire by people and what interests them . What are they writing in the comments under your articles on Facebook Would they like to know some additional information or look at the issue from a different angle What issues and topics are people intereste in in Facebook groups in your industry Or wander into popular discussion forums Aleart News such as Quora. This way, you can very easily find out what worries people and what topics are worth paying attention to. Samples from the e book If you’re making an e book, you’ve won. It means that you have enough know how, material, knowledge and experience , so that you are at home in the topic that the e book is about.