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Facebook Ads Manager supports quite detail audience targeting, including age, gender, interests, language, location targeting. Teaching how to shoot add Create New Audience which Facebook does not only assign home addresses You can also  add to people sitting around you or people who recently left a place near you. Settings details in this section. It is recommend to try to click to learn more. to experience the amazing system for yourself. Set Locations When the target audience is finish will enter the ad space assignment You can choose which platforms you want to advertise on.

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For any device (Device) (recommend to customize by selecting Manual Placement) Manual Placement You can also define which parts of the platform you want your ad to appear in, for example on your News Fe, Inbox, or in a Story, with a sample Cambodia Phone Number List mock-up to make your decision. Teaching how to shoot add Facebook Asset. Customizaion if you look at the IOS roid operating systems that affect the purchasing decision of customers as well. It can be set that What operating system do you want your ads to show on? Teaching how to shoot Facebook Mobile Devices.

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Ads Or Which Channels

Set up ad creative (Ad) final structure is the setting of the ad creative Start by naming the ad choosing which Facebook Page to use for the ad. Ads on Facebook Ad Name Then set up Ad Setup to choose whether you’ll be creating new ads. or use it to post on the page It is divid into 3 categories: Create a new ad creative. Not on the Aleart News page (Create Ad) Shoot add using posts on the page (Use Existing Post) Choose product mockups instead of actual images (Use Creative Hub Mockup). Ad Set Up If you choose Use Existing Post, you will be prompt to select a post from the page, but if you choose Create Ad, it will add an image or video to use. with a caption (Caption) Add Mia.

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