Combining official data to tell you, how does Douyin’s product design come first?

The fragmented usage scenarios of the mobile Internet era make users prefer short, fast and fragmented entertainment methods. It is against this background that the short video industry has become a new round of new Internet outlets. Industry Development Status

(1) Short videos are gradually Mexico Phone Number becoming the main entertainment scene

From the beginning of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, the number of users doubled, from 203 million at the beginning of the year to 414 million, and it will continue to rise in 2018.


​The following two figures show that the total usage time of users’ short videos and the average daily usage time of short videos are also rising continuously. Short videos occupy more and more people’s time and gradually develop into the main entertainment scene.

2.1.2 Product positioning

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Extract a few keywords in the product target:

  • “young people” – among the several. Short video community applications. None of them can penetrate. Although this may be true, the hearts of first. And second-tier young people, and this segment has always. Been a blue ocean in the short video industry;
    “music” – music has been. A “strong expression” tool for human beings. Since ancient times. The abstract expression. Coupled with the strong rhythm. Of modern musical instruments, has become one of the main ways. For modern young people to express themselves;
    “short video” – analogous to books. And tv, the intuitive, smooth and fast-paced visual expression. Is more in line with. The fast-paced lifestyle of modern people. Than the relatively obscure words and pictures;
  • “Community” – In the Internet age, everyone’s computers and mobile phones are connected, but everyone is separated. As a group animal, people are eager to communicate, share and express themselves with others.
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​ In general, Douyin uses music as a breakthrough to make an app that allows young people to express themselves with short videos, share themselves and immerse themselves in it.

2.1.3 User Requirements User Features

According to the user data given by Toutiao at the Toutiao sharing meeting on May 11, 2018, Douyin’s target users are young people mainly in first- and second-tier cities. After data analysis, it was found that Douyin users have the following four characteristics:

  • Younger (90% of users are younger than 35)
  • Healthy male-to-female ratio (male-to-female ratio of 4:6, same as iOS system)
  • Higher education (more than 60% are bachelor degree)
  • Mainly in first- and second-tier cities (further radiating to third- and fourth-tier cities