5 Common Mistakes

Anyone can write for the internet. Or is it more difficult than it seems at first glance? This article highlights some common mistakes. So, before you start on your new web copy, check what you can and cannot do when writing online.

1. Me, Me, Me

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It’s a classic and it’s still very common: writers who take themselves as their starting point. I’m such and such, I studied this and that, I help people people with so-and-so etcetera. It’s all true and no doubt well-intentioned, but it doesn’t work on the internet.

A visitor comes to your website and decides in a fraction of a second whether to stay or leave. Grab the attention of that fraction and address him; for example Training Directors Email Lists by pointing out a known pain point or a difficult situation. This ensures recognition and leads the reader to the rest of the text: your solution.

Tip Which ‘problem’ do you solve for which target group? Formulate this as concretely as possible, for example with a tagline.

In my case this is for example: I help entrepreneurs to make their website easier to find, so that they attract more visitors and get customers. Write texts from an underlying thought. That way you keep it very specific.

2. Weak titles

You can still write such a wonderful article, but with a weak title you miss out on many visitors. Especially if you promote the pieces via social media. Therefore, spend a lot of time coming up with exciting titles that people quickly click on. It makes the difference between being read or not.

Tip! The word ‘you’ is very effective in titles because you address the reader directly. Three examples:

  • Do you also make these 5 mistakes?
  • This way you save tens of euros on your car insurance
  • Bad web texts? That’s how you do something about it.
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