Confidently is a major feature

Confidently is a major feature of the residents of the stepeng apartment.She added glass windows to the balcony, covered Paraguay Phone Number the floor with red bricks, and placed tables and chairs to become a study. Except for occasionally driving to the top of the mountain to write manuscripts, zhang xiaofeng almost always nests here to read manuscripts.


Neighbors and pedestrians

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The outdoor balcony. Originally designed the western world to appreciate. The city below and greet. Neighbors and pedestrians. . A semi-outdoor and semi-indoor space. But it also cuts off the opportunity to interact directly with neighboring cities.


The buden apartment specifically

and slightly catered to the housing needs of the time when immigrants were fickle and not emotionally involved.these balconies with iron windows are the spiritual space of the residents of the buden apartment. An illustrator turned the iron window balcony into a studio. In the middle of the night when his family was asleep, he sat in the iron window to work, and the moonlight shone lightly, turning the iron window into poetic lines on paper. Years later, he created the work “moonlight” based on this theme, which won the international illustration award.

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