Consolidated Credit a good strategy to organize

At one time or another, a situation arises that ends up weakening the economic situation of households. As such, monthly installments with credits end up being overdue. In these cases, it is recommended to resort to consolidated credit. In order to be able to reorganize your financial life, it is sometimes necessary to reduce household expenses or others that are creating some financial suffocation. Now, one of the best ways is, precisely, to combine all the installments of the credits in progress into one, resulting in a lower installment and less burdensome for the family budget. This is exactly what the consolidation of credits does, something that the Portuguese increasingly seek to do to improve their finances.

What is a consolidated credit

Are you in a situation where the organization of your credits is, more than ever, essential? Do you want to reduce the costs with the installments of the loans that you have in progress? So continue reading this article to know more about credit consolidation. What is a consolidated credit? In short, consolidated credit is a financial product suitable Taiyuan Mobile Phone Number List for people with more than one credit in force, regardless of the type of credit it is or the payment term. Thus, with this solution, it is possible to combine all the credits in a single installment with more affordable values. When consolidating your credits, you will renegotiate all conditions, except, of course, those that have already been renegotiated before.

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What is the value of savings with a consolidated

What is the value of savings with a consolidated credit? Firstly, the exact amount of your monthly savings will depend on several factors, such as the amount owed and the repayment period. Furthermore, it depends on the institution you choose. In this sense, the most recommended thing is that you do simulations to understand how Aleart News much you can save in your situation. Giving the example of a consolidated credit simulation made on the website of the financial institution UNIBANCO* – which offers values ​​between 5 thousand and 75 thousand euros for payment terms of 24 to 84 months, for the following situation: – a couple with a total monthly net income of 2800 euros and monthly financial charges in the order of 1700 euros (resulting from borrowings that total 50 thousand euros.

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