Consumer Journey, a powerful tool for the Development of Comprehensive Strategies

People are complex and make decisions every day that are fine-tuned through interactions with other people, places, and all kinds of influences along the way. Travel research maps the needs of individuals, desires and experiences along the journey in the decision-making process Through Journey Research, the dynamics of the decision-making process can be better understood from the perspective of people and their emotions. It focuses on the way the mind and behaviors evolve and change and what the triggers or influences are Azerbaijan Mobile Database. The role of brands is identified throughout the decision-making process and Insights for better decision-making To achieve a correct optimization of the marketing strategy we must start by knowing the competitive position of the brands in the mind of the target group, assuming that the true competition is fought in the minds of consumers.

In this case, it is highly relevant to know what the brands are in the mind of the target and the level of relevance and link (Engagement). This analysis leads us to understand the consideration set (Minset), which is the starting point in the decision-making process by consumers. The mindset is developed from the history of the brand in the lives of consumers, which is influenced by multiple factors such as use and experience with the own brand or third parties, advertising, tradition and conversations about Of the brand. Additionally, knowing in depth knowledge of behaviors, emotions and needs at each step. The second step is to know the beginning of the journey of consumers in the relationship process with the brand.

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This process begins by knowing the pre-triggers and detonators of the need (Beginning of the intention to purchase a product), this process is more complex the more expensive the product is and the level of relevance of it in the life of the target. It is highly relevant to understand the emotions and feelings involved in this stage of the process, which has a deep relationship with the motivations and aspirations of the target group or market segment that you want to impact. The third step involves a thorough understanding of the exploration process by consumers Brother Cell Phone List. This process involves knowing the emotions and feelings involved as well. The consideration set plays a vital role as a starting point which can be expanded in this exploration stage.

In this exploration, previous experiences, recommendations from friends and family, consultations with opinion leaders, internet consultations, which include searches and page views of the brands considered, are taken into account. Social networks also play a role of great relevance since they allow them to know and consult the opinions of other consumers. The fourth step involves knowing how the decision-making process was, what elements were taken into account, how the different alternatives were chosen and discarded. Understanding the decision tree is the key at this stage and the rational, emotional factors and the information used to make the decision. At this point it is possible to establish the true drivers. The fifth step is validation, which implies understanding how satisfied and proud the person is with the decision made and how they validate it in their social environment. Know how to evaluate the experience of consumers with the product or service. Measure the level of fulfillment of expectations. In this stage it is of great relevance to know the conversations generated through the experience.

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