Content Creation is Effective

News site Brafton has developed the infographic below, with which they want to clarify the connection between content and SEO. The visualization shows, among other things, that 92% of marketers believe that content creation is effective for search engine optimization. In addition, half of marketers believe that web pages are effective and 40% cite white papers as good content for SEO. More than three quarters of the respondents, who develop strategic SEO campaigns, say they invest in content creation. In addition to content on websites, social media also influence the position in search engine results.

Influence of social media

With the advent of social media, it has become easy to share content online. 27 million pieces of online content are shared every day. And 1 in 5 social media posts contain links to content. Several studies show that social media users follow brands. And they let others know online what they think of the products and brands. No less than 60% of the messages that are published contain Compliance Directors Email Lists a product or brand name. But the sharing tools on websites also help to rank high in search engine results. As an organization it is therefore important to consider your content and the possibilities of social media. Only then will you ensure a good position in Google. Because content is the king.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

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Curious about all the facts and figures about the importance of content for SEO? Click on the image to view the infographic in full size.

In the past year I have seen two methods that ensure a strong growth in visitor numbers: via web search and via shareable content (social sharing). Fast growth through web search is possible with a special tool for niche sites. Publisher Wayne Parker Kent shows you how to grow big thanks to shareable content with Both methods require discipline in publishing. Time for an explanation from practice.

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