Content Creation on Your Own Site

A search for ‘content is king’ yields no fewer than 311 million results in Google. This commonly used term has been the subject of many blogs and presentations for years. Although I’m not a big fan of the pronunciation itself, I do believe in the power of content. In this blog I would like to explain five reasons why content creation, especially internal, works well.

What is Internal Content Creation?

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Let me start by explaining what I mean by internal content creation. This involves creating content that is placed on your own website, webshop or weblog. By Compliance Directors Email Lists content we mean written pieces of text, video, photo or illustrations. The reason for such content can be quite diverse, it can be for information, inspiration or to support a product in the webshop.

Compliance Directors Email Lists

Five reasons why in-house content creation can help your online marketing efforts.

1. Visitors

As soon as you start creating good content, you do it for a certain target group. And if it is interesting enough, you get a logical consequence: visitors to your website. As with any other online marketing campaign, there are various channels for content campaigns through which visitors come to your piece of content. To prevent you from creating a beautiful piece of content, which no visitor is then allowed to enjoy, it is important to take this into account. If you think carefully about the possible channels per piece of content in the content strategy, you will at least get the most out of the effort involved in content creation.

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Determine within your content strategy where visitors should come from for each piece of content to be created. If you already have many existing visitors, internal promotion might be a good tool. If your visitors have to come from Google, it is essential that you have done a keyword research. You may want to set up a paid display campaign to promote the piece of content. Either way, think carefully about how you can get the most out of your efforts.