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You have greater control over the audience that will be reached by the ad. Increasing the chances of conversion . But watch out! Once the campaign budget is used up. The sponsored link will stop showing. Knowledge panel have you ever googled a company or establishment and been surprised by a box containing all the information about the company? Called a knowledge panel . This resource concentrates relevant information about a particular business . Such as the founder’s name. Date of foundation. Host city. Among others. Print of an example of a knowledge panel containing information about hotmart for local businesses like restaurants and stores. This role is a great opportunity to build authority and generate sales. The knowledge panel can bring relevant information such as address.

Website. Phone. Opening hours and user rating. And you can even include a cta button like “make a reservation” or “contact us”. If your business does not yet have its own dashboard. Just use google my business . This free tool is very intuitive and easy to use. And in no time your business will be appearing on google with an organized knowledge panel. Google maps did you know that. According to google itself . 76% of searches done on smartphones and tablets are to find businesses close to the user ? This means that another way to make your business appear on google is to focus on google maps marketing! Through geolocation. The search engine’s maps app indicates stores and commercial establishments close to the user.

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According to the distance. Print of google maps search results for restaurants near user’s location each business appears with a symbol on the map and. By tapping. The user has access Hungary phone number to a series of useful information. Such as opening hours. Photos of the establishment and user reviews. Keeping this information up to date is quite simple and is done by google my business itself. And. Best of all. It requires no investment in ads! Organic search you may not be able to invest in sponsored links right now. Or maybe you want to build online authority for your brand. Or wanted to generate traffic without worrying about users using adblock in browsers. In these cases.

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Betting on organic search is the best alternative to make your website appear on google. That way. When performing a search for a particular keyword related to your business. Your company’s website can appear among google’s suggestions. In the serp. The results appear just below the ads. And the first sites are considered by the google algorithm as more relevant according to the user’s search intent. Print with organic search results for the search “how to take an online course” to generate organic traffic and appear in google results. It is important to optimize your pages so that they are correctly indexed by the search engine and appear in the serp. These optimizations are called seo .

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Acronym for search engine optimization . Or optimization for search engines. And they seek to adapt the content of a page to the rules that google takes into account when ranking search results. Although it is a free strategy. It is important to point out that seo is not as simple as the other options . Google constantly changes ranking and search algorithms. Like the recently announced core web vitals. In addition. This strategy offers long-term results. As the age and authority of the domain are decisive factors for ranking in the serp. So. Take this into account when defining the best strategy to get your site to google. Make your website appear on google to generate traffic and sales! With an increasing number of people using the internet to solve problems. Meet new brands and buy.


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