CRO Conversion Optimization

CRO is an acronym for the English term “Conversion Rate Optimization”. Which, in free translation, means “Conversion Optimization”. The term CRO became known as a structured and systematic way of improving the performance of a website, especially by extracting more of the traffic you already have. That means getting more conversions without necessarily having to increase traffic. Exemplifying To put this concept into practice, think about an accounting website. This site, like most sites, has a contact link at the bottom of the page. From an average of 1,000 monthly visitors, the site receives 10 messages in the same period of 1 month. That is, only 1%. Instead of trying to increase the number of visits, the CRO’s goal is to increase the click-through rate on “contact us”, and get more customers with the same average monthly visits.

How to do the CRO

One way to do this is to put other contact options, with variations of the Call-to-Action call into different parts of the user’s journey through the site. Because it’s important The online market is overheated and Egypt Phone Number List receiving new investments all the time. The competition, which was once small, has become as great as in the offline environment. Thus, it becomes increasingly difficult – and more expensive – to generate traffic for your business. That’s why the concept of CRO emerged conquering many marketers! CRO makes it possible to increase the number of conversions on a website while maintaining the same investment in traffic acquisition. A good CRO job can greatly impact and reduce CAC (customer acquisition cost.

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Steps of Conversion Optimization

How to do the CRO For you to start applying the CRO, we have selected 3 metrics, 3 steps and 3 tips to help you: 3 Metrics – Conversion of your website It is necessary to list the biggest customer conversion points to understand what is working and what is not working on your website. For example, if you have two CTAs that lead the Aleart News customer to the final purchase, check which one performs better. Therefore, it is essential to be able to count the clicks and conversions on all your links/buttons on your pages. If you don’t have access to this data, talk to the company that develops your website or your marketing agency. – Bounce rate “Bounce Rate” refers to the percentage of users who land on your page and leave immediately.