Definitely, Twitter is the most effective social network for a marketing strategy

A few years ago they were truly unknown to the public and in fact, few of them had been born. Today they have been configured as a fundamental platform to help companies draw up their marketing strategies. It is about social networks, which day by day bring together a greater number of users in their guts. They’re all the same? Should a social media strategy cater to these environments fairly? Social media works as a very powerful tool for businesses. Their ability and power to identify the audience with them works very effectively to improve the results of a business, either by increasing their web traffic or by improving their personal brand France Mobile Database. This makes social networks work positively when it comes to making sales and promoting audience loyalty. This is demonstrated by a recent study carried out by the Edelman company, which indicates that nine out of ten companies consider the use of social networks as a strategy in their marketing plan important.

A figure that continues to be high in cases that recognize that it is the most important KPI of the year for their investor balance sheets. But not all of these tools work the same. And companies know it. In fact, when planning, tracing and implementing their strategies, it is essential to take into account in which of these media the target audience they are directed is located and through what mechanisms they will access it. This imperative primary need on the part of businesses and brands establishes a first dividing line that is understood in the number of companies that bet on generalist social networks and the minority, still, of organizations that favor specialized networks. Proof of this are the results of this report, which shows that Twitter is the most effective social network but Facebook, the most important. Thus, according to this analysis, the 140-character social network is, for two thirds of those surveyed, the most effective social platform for doing business. On the contrary, the initiative of Marc Zuckerberg, who recently reached his first decade of age, continues to be the most important.

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Twitter and business The research was carried out between the months of November and December of last year and among its main conclusions they highlighted that Twitter is the platform, for 67% of those questioned, the most effective when it comes to disseminating the marketing of their products and services Brother Cell Phone List. The figure is significantly different from the 59% of affirmative responses that LinkedIn collected and the 55% that Facebook obtained. Likewise, 87% of those surveyed acknowledged using Twitter for business. The figure is striking because this social network was ahead of LinkedIn, with 74%; of Facebook, with 73%; from YouTube, with 50%; and of blogs, which only registered 34% of the affirmative companies of those questioned responsible.

Facebook’s shadow is elongated However, the results obtained change in the case of questions related to the importance of each specific network for the companies analyzed. Thus, Facebook ranked first, with 34% of respondents. The most widespread social network in the world thus surpassed LinkedIn, with 24%, and Twitter, which ranked third with 21% of responses. Likewise, less than half of the respondents acknowledged having been able to measure the return on investment (ROI) obtained on social media. A significant piece of information that makes us think about the need for training in the field or investing in professionals who analyze these metrics. Finally, the majority of those surveyed confirmed that they used social networks to increase consumer awareness and that they tend towards their brand, improve their web traffic and develop the commitment and loyalty of their followers.

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