Did Julio Regalado fail this year with Soriana? Walmart sold more in the summer

As is known, the Comercial Mexicana retail brand was acquired a few years ago by Soriana, which generated a gradual process of adaptation and migration of the brand towards the buyer’s signature style. In 2016, Soriana – Romania Phone Number List originally from Coahuila, Mexico – completed the purchase of Comercial Mexicana and some of the brands that this establishment owned, so the stores that originated in Mexico City were left with other supermarkets that they owned – Sumesa and Market City , as well as some places that turned towards a new branding: La Cómer.

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One of the brands that Soriana kept is Julio Regalado, the powerful mid-year campaign with which Comercial Mexicana reached large sales volumes every summer. However, the Coahuila residents did not find the campaign as successful in the most recent edition.

And it is that during the third quarter of the year, Soriana reported a fall of 0.2 percent, according to figures released by the Phone Number List company itself, which represents a stagnation compared to its main competition, the Walmart group -which reports a growth in its sales. of 7.8 percent in the same period.

In various media, it is insisted that Soriana’s failures can be explained by a poor implementation of the Julio Regalado promotion, which for Comercial Mexicana did represent a success because they did show offers that the consumer could feel. Although the profits from the sale of the products were low, the large acquisition volumes managed to offer benefits for the brand.

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