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SEO is an ‘ongoing’ activity that you always have to work with. But sometimes things like that happen that make you have to change the schedule or adjust it to keep up with Google. Do you already have the following four topics on your schedule for this year?

1. Mobile

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Google has declared the entire month of March this year as #MobileMadness Month. Then Google also announced that mobile-friendliness will become a ranking factor as of April 21. And so the madness has broken loose: whoever VP Risk Email Lists wants to can currently spend about 24 hours a day absorbing all the information about this, from blog to whitepaper to Google Hangout. Frankwatching author Eduard Blacquière previously wrote an article about the changes and how to make your site ‘mobile friendly’.

VP Risk Email Lists

The share of mobile users continues to grow

Why is Google doing this? Why does Google care about whether a site is mobile-friendly? These are frequently heard reactions, but this action by Google is not incomprehensible. The share of mobile users continues to grow. In March of last year, Google already indicated that it expected the number of searches on mobile to exceed the number of searches on desktop worldwide:

How important is mobile to your users?

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There are countries where there are hardly any desktops in use and the majority of the population mainly accesses the internet with a mobile. Google wants everyone who searches via the search engine to be shown a site that offers a good experience on that device. The easiest and fastest way to achieve this is to make the degree of ‘mobile friendly’ a ranking factor.