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Entering the historical context. According to the eadbox website . Inbound marketing. Was first mentioned in the 90s. More specifically in 1999. In the book “permission marketing: turning strangers into friends. And friends into customers”. Which in portuguese would be something like: “permission marketing: turning strangers into friends. And friends into customers”. By seth godin. Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy focused on attracting customers through “attraction”. The main objective is to attract the customer with a focus on your website or social network. Through useful and relevant content. It aims to make your company a reference in its area of activity. An important point is that. With this strategy.

What is Inbound Marketing

Within its possibilities of action. It acquires several aspects. The tone of voice. The regularity of the content. Which topics are Azerbaijan Phone Number List covered. All of this varies with the objective and essence of the business. Medium and long term results; marketing and communication actions can be changed at any time; increases business visibility. Decreases the cost of customer acquisition; optimizes the sales process; marketing and sales: the fight is over the time when marketing and sales worked separately is over and there was a dispute between them with the intention of seeing who could do better. At that time. Marketing took care of the promotion and dissemination of the brand.

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Marketing and Sales The Fight Is Over

If these areas work disconnected from each other in your company today. We suggest that you look for alternatives in order to bring them together as soon as possible. Because you will understand why. Currently, It has been identified. In the sense that the marketing work contributes to the conquest of the customer (sale). It is necessary that the sales team takes action in the contact with him. A little before the purchase. Their union is fundamental in winning over customers and in achieving the much-desired success of the business. Inbound as a commercial marketing basically. There is no possibility for the inbound marketing strategy to work without the help of the commercial. As already mentioned, It brings results in the medium and long term.

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