Digital Marketing for Industries

Consumers access the internet. On average 3 times before purchasing the product. In order to search for the best prices and recommendations; companies that invest in social networks have growth of up to 18% in revenue (mckinsey); 37% of brands would like to use social media engagement to create customer-tailored campaigns (forrester); 75% of b2b companies do not measure or quantify social engagement (satmetrix); 84% of b2b marketers use social media in some way (aberdeen); marketers spend 4-6 hours a week on social media (social media examiner); currently. 7.6% of marketing budgets are for social media. The percentage is expected to reach almost 20% in the next few years; 60.2% of marketing teams are looking for analytics tools for social media management (cmo survey); 94% of internet users shop online in brazil.

Why is digital marketing relevant to

So if your industry goals involve increasing sales and revenue. Considering digital marketing actions is an excellent option for your business. Within the digital scenario. Industries have reached space and relevance. Improving sales rates and roi (return on investment). Content marketing the best bet for industries in relation to digital marketing is. Without a doubt, Content production. Content marketing aims to Colombia Phone Number List provide relevant and interesting content to the brand’s consumers. Whether they are other companies or the end consumers themselves. For this. You need to know who your audience is. Know their needs and also what they have been commenting on and looking for on social networks about your industry or field of activity. Knowing this will help you produce specific content that matches what consumers expect to find in their searches.

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Adobe Cases Marketing for Industry

Marketing through content generates a much more stable and reliable relationship between brand and customer. Especially because it is based on passing on information of quality and relevance. Of interest to the customer. Leads for the lead generation process. Industries Aleart News must focus on two types of audience: one formed by resellers and distributors. And the other. Formed by the final consumer. For each of them. The business must produce specific content. Thus Marketing must be thought of in a different way than in other segments. Generally Content aimed at resellers and distributors is focused on sales training and solutions to market queries. The one directed to the final consumer should aim to promote the brand. The products and their recognition.