Digital influencers how they can help in the

It is common to browse the internet and come across. A person who has thousands of Similarly, followers on social networks and. Who you have never seen on television or heard a song on the radio. Certainly she is a  digital influencer . Express himself and ends up influencing the behavior of Internet users who follow him. Internet consumption in Brazil .The strong arrival of influencers and micro-influencers on social networks is due to. The growing consumption of the web. “ We Are Social” (a specialized agency in digital marketing) and “ Hootsuite” (a media management platform) conducted a survey to calculate how many hours a day Brazilians spend on the internet.

Internet consumption in Brazil

It was seen that on average, we spend more than eight hours connected to the internet and almost four hours just on social networks. Why are influencers Similarly, relevant to brands? In this era in which we live, advertising and the exchange of information started to happen in a much faster and more agile way. In this digital environment, consumers began to seek information of interest and select the Georgia Phone Number List most relevant content for them. Therefore, in this ecosystem where the consumer can skip or block your ad with just one touch on the screen, brands need to offer content, and even better if it is linked to people who generate trust and relevance for the Similarly, consumer. Including influencers in the communication process is essential to transform invasive or irrelevant advertising into content-oriented advertising that encourages consumers to make.

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Why are influencers relevant to brands

According to data from the survey “ How effective Aleart News are influencers Similarly, in driving sales ”, conducted in 2013, friends Similarly, and family were the main buying influence Similarly, among consumers, and influencers were responsible for only 9% of sales. In 2017, the percentage of influencers grew, totaling 33% of influence Similarly, on Similarly, purchases. Really works. See some data: 35% of followers of digital influencers. Claim to have engaged in some type of cause by Similarly, recommendations from. These people on their networks, according to data from. The Influence Impact Report 2017, by Allison+Partners.