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Since we are talking about three professionals who have advertising restrictions based on their professional advice. We will use them as examples in approaching this content. Presenting resolutions and laws for each segment. Created resolution cfm And was named manual of medical advertising. This rule deals with the rules of medical advertising. Here you can read the complete manual. Law 12842  Of july 10 2013 Regulates the exercise of the medical profession. Because it is very extensive. We chose not to present all the information here. But we want to present some of the restrictions: guarantee. Promise or imply good treatment results without scientific proof; advertise switchgear or use of exclusive techniques as a way of attributing privileged capacity.

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Publicize professional institutional or business advertisements of any kind and in any means of communication in which. If the doctor’s name is mentioned. The registration number at the regional council of medicine is not present (observing the format rules contained in the manual). In cases where the professional occupies the position Argentina Phone Number List of medical technical director. The exercise of the function must be explained; consult. Diagnose or prescribe by any means of mass or distance communication; expose the patient as a way to publicize technique. Method or treatment result; dentist digital marketing and the restrictions of professional councilsthe federal council of dentistry has the dental ethics code . And also, Law no, 5081, Of august 24. 1966 regulates the practice of dentistry.

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And you can access it here . The code of ethics, In chapter xvi. Talks about advertising. Advertising and publicity. Among the actions that constitute an ethical infraction. We will present some below: art. It constitutes an ethical infraction: i – make misleading. Abusive advertising and advertising. Including before and after expressions or images. With prices, Free services, Payment methods. Or other forms that imply the commercialization of dentistry or contrary to the Aleart News provisions of this code; ii – announce or disclose titles. Qualifications, Specialties that he does not have. Without registration with the federal council. Treatment therapies, Area of activity.

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