Digital Marketing in Health is it a reality for you

Whether dentist physiotherapist. Otolaryngologist, Ophthalmologist. Neurologist, Gynecologist, Pediatrician or one of the countless other health professionals. Having your clinic or office. It is essential that these days you use digital marketing to have a more assertive and promising relationship with your patients. It is not only related to actions that will bring you more profit. But it is a way that. Capable of being measured. Allows you to create a closer and lasting relationship with your patients. The medical director of philips. In the netherlands, Jan kimpen, In an interview with the exame website . Says that all over the world. Including in brazil. They believe that digitalization is part of the future of health and that it will bring more efficient and less efficient medical treatments.

Digital Marketing Is Also for

As an example a survey we did shows that for 81% of healthcare professionals and 74% of the population in 16 countries. Technology improves remote healthcare. In other words, Technology is advancing more and more. Transforming the way of medical care and prescription Belarus Phone Number List and shaping it very differently from the way it had been practiced for a long time. It might seem a little outrageous to say. But digital marketing is a no-choice path. You keep up with this market demand or you become obsolete in relation to the competition. So yes, It is for you, A health professional. Who carries the responsibility of taking care of people’s well-being. And not only that. With all this digital transformation. You also need to accept the challenge of trying to shape technology so that it add. And don’t harm your work.

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It Is Necessary to Adapt

And today in some more modernized examples. Appointments are scheduled via facebook messenger or whatsapp. The control and recording of patient data is done in a software that automatically cross-references their data and shows available dates. You attend the patient with Aleart News cell phone in hand. And prescribes an electronic prescription that he will receive by e-mail (the environment will thank you!). Jokes aside, It is not easy to go through this sudden transformation. This is even more true for professionals who have been in the job market for a few years. The medical profession in several countries has an excessive volume of work. About half of professionals in some countries. Such as the netherlands. Have burnout syndrome. Which results from physical and mental exhaustion.