Digital Marketing Planning Why Invest

According to the data pointed out. While companies are crawling in digital marketing. There is a great field to be explored. There are a small number of them using the digital potential. Making use of information in an analytical way. This data can be agents of transformation of the customer journey and. Mainly, Bring insights about the personalization of offers to the persona. In addition, The digital marketing plan allows for the integration of isolated data. Transforming it all into investment information. Channels and message. The planning defines from the persona to the values necessary for a good performance in paid media. Among the benefits there is also the inclusion of indicators that punctuated the performance of each of the actions. With the sharing of information between sectors. Such as marketing and commercial. This data will become.

Why invest in Digital Marketing

What does a marketing plan comprise? The scope of a digital marketing plan can vary greatly. There is no standard model to be adopted and it is often customized to the company’s macro objective. However, Some items appear in most digital marketing plans. Are they Turkey Phone Number List diagnosis: it retrieves the entire history of digital marketing already done by the company. The channels used so far. The frequency of communication. The quality of the profiles used and even the consistency of these actions with the competition. Market study: to understand the possibilities it is necessary to understand the behavior of the intended market. It is necessary to know if the target audience is already inserted in the digital environment and what is the demand that still exists in the market for prospecting.

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Changing consumer profile

Persona and brandvoice to specifically define the person with whom we want to communicate and how this message will be. Makes the actions more humanized. Allows the projection of more specific and assertive actions and. In addition, Allows the planning of content with a focus on the purchase journey of the customer. Actions: all planning brings the Aleart News necessary actions to achieve results. In the marketing plan. These actions are usually designed for each of the suggested channels. Creating a complete and harmonious digital presence. Investment and schedule: all projections are complemented with the necessary amounts in paid media and the action schedule. Not all actions involve investment. But at some points the creation of campaigns and ads is essential. Studies. Research and action digital advertising in brazil grew 25.4% last year Jumping from.