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According to the 2015 digital future in focus survey. Brazil is the country that spends the most time on social media. Altogether, There are 650 hours per month browsing the networks and updating status. Our average is 60% higher compared to the average for the rest of the planet. They are the most accessed channels on the brazilian network. Ahead of news sites. Portals and other entertainment channels. In total, There are about 85 million people using social networks. Interacting with friends. Family, And mainly, Companies. Social networks and health having your professional page on facebook or instagram is not just about following the market trend or what your competitor is doing. But demonstrating your credibility to the patient. Over time, The concept has been attributed that if you can’t be found on the internet. Then your business is dubious.

Social Networks in Brazil

The social network promotes contact with this audience in a faster. More assertive and lasting way and it is possible to monitor the data in real time. According to research by pewresearch. About 58% of brazilian users active on the internet use this medium to search for health Bahrain Phone Number List information. And they use the internet not only to research health content. But also to schedule appointments. According to an article in gazeta do povo . Doctoralia . An internet consultation scheduling platform. Grew 236% in brazil in six months. If you are not on the internet. Whether on social media. With a website or on platforms like this. How will patients find you? More and more people are looking for practicality in all areas of their lives. Being able to schedule an appointment over the internet is a facility that is becoming popular.

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Social Networks and Health

We exemplify about scheduling appointments. But when designing the focus of your clinic/office on the internet. Especially on social networks. It is important that you offer relevant content. Health tips and information that add to the patient’s knowledge and life. This work. Better Aleart News known as content marketing. Also helps a lot in the value of your service delivered to him. More than that. It allows for a more tangible and advantageous relationship for both. You offer your service less forcefully and establish a more friendly connection. Spread knowledge on social mediashare knowledge as mentioned above. The idea of joining social networks is not to frantically offer your services. But to gradually build contact with the potential patient through relevant content. Care must be taken with the actions taken to achieve this objective. As they must be guided by ethics. Informational actions are allowed.