Digital Transformation Is Your Business Ready

It is linked to the ongoing process of removing obsolete technologies. Exploring what is new, and investing in evolving technologies to keep organizations competitive. Many managers think “i already have a website, a facebook page . I store files in the cloud. What else do i need to invest in digital transformation?” because it is a rather vague term, entrepreneurs end up believing that everything that is digital can be called digital transformation. But it will be? Digital transformation is the context for a repositioning of companies as digital businesses and goes far beyond being present on the web. The scope of transformation encompasses the complexity of rethinking processes, business models and the customer experience. Through a complete immersion in digital technology.

What is Digital Transformation

Primordial differences adoptdo you think uber and airbnb, for example, are examples of digital transformation? Both companies revolutionized their market through the web interface and today they appear among the most valuable companies in the world. The two companies took advantage of the difficulties people encountered in Cyprus Phone Number List traditional markets, which did not necessarily depend on the internet, and created a new niche. They bring a lot of ease to people’s lives and depend on a digital system, so would they be good examples of digital transformation? No! Do you know why? Because they are still centered on human work. For airbnb to work, you need a person who is willing to offer the house and take all necessary steps. In the case of uber, the driver – obviously – is still required.

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How to assess if my company is on

The true digital transformation happens when man can be replaced by the machine in carrying out the processes. Examples we have customer service centers, for example, that make hundreds of contacts a day, answering simple questions, scheduling appointments or Aleart News solving customer problems without needing the help of human operators. Artificial intelligence works longer with less effort, learns from your interactions and frees human operators to do more specialized work. The atm is a perfect example, which is already part of our reality. An operator is not needed to understand and fulfill the demands of customers arriving at the machine. The digitization of operations, in all areas of the company. The path that organizations must take to reach digital transformation, even if never fully.